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Blasting with corund

For 2 years now, WINOA, the world’s largest manufacturer of steel shot and steel grit, has developed and marketed a new product. Straaltechniek has been a distributor of their steel shot and steel grit for 40 years. The brand name of this new product is Stelux. It exists in both round and angular shapes and is available in various grain sizes. The angular Stelux CG is a stainless steel blasting grit that serves as a preparation for wet paint, powder coating, and is suitable as a preparation for metallization.

Stainless Steel media

Normal Corund media

Corund vs Stainless steel blasting media
(Video and VO: Lotte Wildhagen)

The abrasive contains approximately 30% chromium and has a hardness of 58 HRC (+ – 3). Compared to other abrasives, such as Corund, which generate a lot of dust, there is practically no dust development with Stelux CG stainless steel grit! Due to the low dust load on the cartridges, they have a longer life than with Corund. When installing a new blast cabin, it is also possible to opt for a dust extraction with lower flow rate compared to Corund. There is also much better visibility for the blasting operator during the process than with Corund. In addition, there is much less wear and tear on blast media transport, blast hoses and nozzles than with Corund.

Dust on the floor after blasting with Corund

Rust formation due to wet floors when blasting with Corund

Stainless steel Stelux vs. Corund

There are many advantages over other blasting media such as Corund:

  • Blasting media such as Corund often have a very limited lifespan and generate a high quantity of dust in the blasting cabins, which is difficults for the visibility for the blasters.
  • With the Stelux CG stainless steel blasting grit, the investment is smaller and the consumption of electricity is also reduced compared to Corund.
  • The expected use of this stainless steel blasting grit is 10 times less than Corund. Companies that operate as contractors only have to replenish 25 to 50 kilos every week to maintain the business mix.
  • This stainless steel grit extends the life of the filter cartridges greatly compared to Corund.
  • Companies that blast steel grit can also benefit from it compared to Corund.
  • No rust will occur outside the blasting cabins due to wet floors, which is often the case with Corund now.
  • This stainless steel grit has a much lower cost for the removal of the finished grain than Corund.
  • Also parts of old-timers as well as their body plate can be blasted with Stelux CG stainless steel grit at low pressure and this without deformation.
  • The angular Stelux CG stainless steel blasting grit can also be used on wheel blasting machines.

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