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Big blasting halls

The blasting hall is available in different sizes. A blasting hall can be a cabin of 4 x 4 x 8 meters, but also a gigantic room for the offshore industry 20 meters wide and 70 meters long.

The solution for conservation in shipbuilding, wind turbine construction, offshore steel structures and larger.

Modern coatings impose specific requirements on the surface on which and the conditions under which the coating is to be applied. The surface must be clean, free of minerals and sanded. Component temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity are also of considerable importance. Often the coating needs to be guaranteed for many years, in which case it is very important to have full control over the mentioned parameters.

All this without moving the piece, once in the combined Straaltechniek room or in the large blasting room!

Why choose Straaltechniek?

  • High quality
  • Very good value for money
  • Own parts and service department
  • Made in Holland
  • More than 30 years of experience in the field of blasting technology

Blasting and painting in one hall: Combi-hall

This relates to a room in which the workpiece, after cleaning, can dry out and warm up. Blasting can take place whereby the released dust is extracted and separated. The used abrasive is cleaned and stored for reuse. The coating is applied at the correct workpiece and room temperature, with the relative humidity optimal for the coating to be applied. Of course, the excess paint mist is extracted and filtered without affecting the spraying near the surface to be coated. The coating drying takes place at the correct temperature and relative humidity.

Large blasting halls: the components

Abrasive media recycling system

Everything is big in this kind of large blasting halls. The abrasive media silo alone can hold up to 25 m3 of abrasive media, or up to 125,000 kg! Read on for more information.

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Extraction system

The extraction system for large rooms is truly a giant. Straaltechniek International knows all about the installation of large filters up to 200,000 m3 per hour. Click on next for more information.

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Vacuum suction system

With the industrial vacuum suction system from Straaltechniek, the abrasive can also be easily and efficiently collected in these places.

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Painting workshop

Straaltechniek combines in this way the huge blasting hall with a very large painting workshop.

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The humidity requirements are of course essential for the construction of the very large blasting room. Straaltechniek also provides these facilities for you.

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The blasting hall: large, larger, largest

As you can see above: These large blasting halls have special features compared to the smaller blasting booths. As you can see above: These large blast rooms have special features compared to the smaller blast booths.The smaller sandblasting booth often has a screw on the back of the booth or a scraper all over the floor. This is no longer cost effective in the 8 meter wide beam hall. Therefore, conveyor belts are often used here under hoppers. This must be taken into account very carefully when laying the foundation stone. The transport of abrasives often has three times the capacity. For example 12 instead of 4 m3 per hour. The filters are much larger and the capacity here is often 100,000 m3 / hour. Since the room is also used as a paint workshop, there are also anti-fog paint walls with Andreae filters and temperature and humidity conditioning is provided. Large suction cups guide the abrasive towards the conveyor belts. Vacuum pumps are also protected against large amounts of dust. You can take a closer look at each module.

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