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Tumbling blasting machine for garden equipment manufacturer

In West Flanders, a manufacturer of garden tools has chosen to work with us for the purchase of a tumble blasting machine. The machine will mainly be used for blasting spades. The production entails more than 100,000 pieces per year.

Until now they did this in an old overhead track blasting machine. Hanging and removing the components manually was very labor-intensive. That is why, when the company moved to a new building, they chose to purchase a TUMBLE blasting machine. They have opted for a version with a capacity of 300 liters with a rubber tire.

There are 2 turbines of 7.5 KW each equipped with hard metal throwing blades. An automatic loader is at the front of the machine to fill it. The blasting time is 8 minutes and the chosen abrasive is Steel Shot S 110. This gives a very nice finish to the spades. When pouring them out, they fall onto a supplied conveyor belt of approximately 5m in length. This ensures that the spades are poured at a height of 1400 mm in a slide grinding installation where they are polished. At the top of the conveyor belt, a valve is located to prevent the spades from being poured into this installation, but to be poured into a container. They do this when the sliding grinding installation is already loaded with parts.

The customer is very satisfied with the machine, partly because of its robustness, as well as because of the use of 2 turbines. Our competitors had all offered machines with 1 turbine.

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