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Installations for smart abrasive recovery

We offer established and economical blasting solutions that can assist your company in reducing abrasive usage. We do this by means of cross and belt transport.

Cross transport

The cross transport is placed across the entire width of the large blasting hall, usually at the end of the hall. In contrast to the smaller blast cabinets where conveyor screws (max. 16 meters) are generally used, a conveyor belt is an established and economical solution.

Belt transport

The belt transport carries the abrasive under the technical room of the large blasting hall and deposits it into the elevator foot via a funnel. In order not to overfeed the belt transport, funnels are placed above the belt, which are provided with a dosing device. Coarse contaminants are separated from the abrasive by grids on top of the hoppers. If desired, the grids can be fitted with plates with small holes (perforated plate) in order to separate even smaller contaminants.

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