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Industrial vacuum extraction installation for large spray halls

Blasting medium does not only fall on the floor; in a ship section, bridge section or lock gate, blasting is also done in the hollow spaces of the structures. With the vacuum recovery installation from Straaltechniek, the abrasive can be recovered easily and effectively in these places.

Above the conveyor belts you will see a small cyclone. This separates the abrasive from the dust. The blasting medium falls from the bottom of the cyclone onto the conveyor belt. The dust remains mixed with the air and this air is returned to the vacuum cleaner, where it ends up in the filter.

SI 3000 vacuum cleaner in 10 ft container

The heart of the vacuum is a 50 kW vacuum pump. To protect the vacuum pump against dust, the container is completed with a Pat-Jet 7-13 compressed air cleaned filter in implosion-free version. A control filter between the Pat-Jet filter and the inlet of the vacuum pump is there in case the Pat-Jet filter unexpectedly dies out due to unforeseen events.

Technical drawing

The heavy industrial vacuum cleaner can be seen in detail on the left. The power is equal to 30 regular home vacuum cleaners.

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