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Dehumidifiers for large blasting halls

The importance of dehumidification:

  • Saves time and money
  • Makes planning easier (progress of the construction process)
  • Provides more certainty about the quality of the subsoil
  • Prevents consequential damage due to moisture
  • Significantly shortens the natural drying time

Desiccant dryers

To tackle the problem with moisture, Straaltechniek International opts for adsorption drying. A slowly rotating dehumidifying wheel (honeycomb structure) with a very high absorption capacity for moisture is used for this. The air to be dehumidified flows through the dehumidifying wheel where it transfers its moisture to the wheel. The air leaves the dehumidifier wheel on the otherside. There, the air is very dry and 15 to 20 ° C warmer.

To prevent this dehumidifying wheel from becoming saturated, a heated air flow, which passes in the opposite direction through a shielded part of the wheel, is used to extract the moisture and remove it as water vapor or as condensation water. If necessary, the water vapor can be discharged directly outside or collected as condensate. This makes this principle a continuous process, without loss of capacity.

The advantages:

  • Generally deployable
  • Particularly effective at low ambient temperatures
  • Lower relative humidity than a cool dryer
  • When blowing into a construction or under plastic (hose connection)
  • Gives extra heat
  • Provides a faster and deeper drying result

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