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Pressure blast cabin Venti-Compact

A professional hand blast cabinet for roughening, cleaning, rust removal, matting, deburring and polishing of workpieces. An installation that is suitable for all types of blasting media.

The pressure blast cabinet is equipped with a cyclone separator. The cyclone separates the reusable abrasive and the resulting dust. The supply of the abrasive takes place in a closed circuit and the amount of abrasive is adjustable. By using the most modern type Straalmeester® pressure blast boiler, type 2000, equipped with a pneumatically controlled grit dosing valve, you are assured of an accurate adjustment of the blasting medium, as well as the possibility to blow off the blasted workpieces with air only.

Supplied complete

The capacity of this blast kettle is 24 liters. The Straalmeester® blast kettle type 2000 is fully completed with a blast hose and a wear-resistant nozzle with a diameter of 8 mm. The blasting process is switched on and off automatically by means of a foot pedal.

The installation comes complete with:

  • 2 Entrance doors with security on both doors
  • Fluorescent lighting 2 x 18 Watt
  • Continuously cleaning cartridge filter (integrated)

Technical data

Type Venti-Compact 1250
Measurement (L X W x H) 1250 x 1895 x 2426 mm
Weight empty 670 kg
Air ussage 3600 Liter p/m at 6 bar
Nozzle BC – 8.0 mm
Power 1.5 kW
Voltage 230VDC – 50 Hz
Working area 1250 x 880 x 850 mm
Entrance doors (2) (B x H) 800 x 780 mm
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