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Installations worldwide

Straaltechniek International is one of the few companies worldwide that both design and manufactures automated shot peening & high-end blasting machines.

Landing gear manufacturer

A total solution to truly meet all client requirements, whatever they may be. That’s the power of Straaltechniek International. For a client in China we developed an innovative, robotic shot peening machine with one of the highest uptime percentages in the world.

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OEM Engine Manufacturer

A leading British manufacturer of aircraft engines was looking for a partner that did more than just build machines. Working in close collaboration with the company’s project team, Straaltechniek International developed a complete system that is more than the sum of the individual parts.

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Fully-automatic external and internal shot peening of landing gear

Landing gear is a perfect example of products that are exposed to varying loads. So in order to guarantee a safe landing, components must have a long service life, be reliable and robust, but there is also an increasing demand for lightweight. Shot peening is of crucial importance for achieving this.

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Straaltechniek International is one of the few companies worldwide that both design and manufactures automated shot peening & high-end blasting machines. Straaltechniek International is very flexible in the individualised, tailor-made and bespoke configuration of machines and will always do its utmost to adapt a machine to fulfil all of the customer’s requirements.