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Classification on size and shape

Classification on shape

A single- or multicore spiral separator in the bypass separates anything round from anything non-round. The spiral separator operates by gravity and requires no power or maintenance.

View of material flow: Material is loaded into the hopper at the top of the spiral separator. The material then flows over a cone and divides the material evenly onto the inner flights. With increasing speed the round material will separate and roll off the inner flights onto a larger outer flight and then exits a side discharge chute at the bottom and drops into another elevator.

The non-round material on the inner flights will exit a centre discharge chute at the bottom. This material is collected as waste.

Classification on size

The basics start with a 24” two-deck vibratory screen separator assembly to efficiently size and separate the used shot. The vibratory separator receives the media from the reclaim system onto the top-screening surface.

Oversized media and debris are captured on the top screen and are conveyed to a waste container through a duct hose. Reusable and undersized media pass through the top screen to the bottom screen where only the reusable media is captured, separated and conveyed to the storage silo above the double chamber peening machine. Undersized media and fines pass through the bottom screen and are captured on the pan and are conveyed to a waste container through a duct hose.


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