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Our parent company is specialised in selecting, designing, engineering, and manufacturing of filters. Through us you have access to their vast unlimited experience and know-how. Naaykens was found over 75 years ago and is family owned. This page provides further information about the filters.

Various configurations

Separating coarse and fine particles

Unique features

  • Integrated pre-separator
  • Integrated compartment for compressed air cleaning, reducing noise emission.
  • Adjustable pulsing to reduce cost
  • Easy and quick replacement of cartridges
  • Ultra efficient fans that minimise installed power and reduce power consumption.

Basics of airflow

An airspeed of for instance 20 m/s is normal for steel particles, where the airspeed in the filter compartment is reduced to below 1 m/s.

Pat-Jet Easy Access Anderen
Thickness steel sheet 3, 5, and 10 mm 1,5 and 2mm
Filter cartridges Polyester Ceullulose
Pre-separator Up to 5x lowering air speed Up to 2x
Pressure vessel Up to 3x more cleaning power and -capacity None
Noise level Max 37 dBa Higher
Technische ondersteuning For sure; personal, remote, online, on site. “Read the manual”


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Straaltechniek International is one of the few companies worldwide that both design and manufactures automated shot peening & high-end blasting machines. Straaltechniek International is very flexible in the individualised, tailor-made and bespoke configuration of machines and will always do its utmost to adapt a machine to fulfil all of the customer’s requirements.