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Project reports

A feature of our worldwide projects is their high level of innovation. From shot peening and high-end blasting to total concepts in the maritime and offshore industries.

Rail service company Belgium

Rolling stock in the railway sector simply has to roll. A young and dynamic Belgian company was specially set up for the maintenance and repair of locomotive and carriage bogies. As a result of the expansion of the company, there was a need for a blasting installation with a high yield.

For the ultrasonic testing of train bogies and the execution of repairs, the company built a new workshop in the Antwerp harbour area. The wheel sets are blasted prior to the execution of the test. For this, Straaltechniek International developed a fully fitted out feed-through blasting container.

In this container (dimensions 4 x 3 x 2.7 metres), blasting media is recycled as much as possible. By means of pneumatically driven scraper lanes and a conveyor, the used blasting media is transported via a vibrating strainer to the silo. This cleans it and prepares it for reuse.

A Straalmeester® blast pot forms the basis for the most constant blasting quality. This type of pot delivers an extremely high yield and is also user-friendly, safe and complies with European directives. Straaltechniek International supplies these pots with CE certification; an innovation which we were the first company – and still only one of the few companies in the Netherlands and Belgium – to establish.