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Project reports

A feature of our worldwide projects is their high level of innovation. From shot peening and high-end blasting to total concepts in the maritime and offshore industries.

Rail service company Uzbekistan

For a company which is occupied with the maintenance of train units for the German Railways, their maintenance had for a long time been a labour intensive job.

The maintenance of train units had been a time-consuming activity for a long period of time, as prior to painting, carriages were manually sanded. The delivery of a new and modern maintenance workshop gave this company enormous time savings, so that this investment was soon paid back.

Straaltechniek International developed a fully integrated washing, blasting, spraying and drying room for rolling stock maintenance. Mobile platforms have been fitted to the wall for the benefit of the operator, so that all parts of the carriage are easily accessible. The room is also fitted with a complete scraper floor to transport the used blasting media to the cleaner. This means that the blasting media can be reused several times and is then disposed of as waste.

All in all, this was an enormous innovation for the company. With as the most significant advantages:

  • A gain in time thanks to the integrated washing, blasting, spraying and drying process
  • Quality improvement through optimal accessibility of all train components.
  • Environmentally-friendly through the reuse of blasting media and safe disposal.
  • Ergonomic through (among other things) mobile platforms.

Which resulted in enormous cost savings!