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Project reports

A feature of our worldwide projects is their high level of innovation. From shot peening and high-end blasting to total concepts in the maritime and offshore industries.

High quality exhaust installation for Scandinavian offshore company

Scandinavian countries set extremely high requirements with respect to health and the environment. This provided an extra impulse in the development of a set of container filters for a blasting and metallisation hall in Norway. Naturally, the high quality installation that we delivered met all Norwegian rules and regulations.

The company for which we built the installation is a global player in the offshore industry, predominantly in the energy sector. The development and delivery of undersea production installations and their maintenance are important activities. In this context the company operates in all imaginable environments: from tropical deep seas to icy cold Arctic waters.

Drilling platform components and other undersea structures are blasted and metallised; an important means of protection against sea water. The proper extraction of the particles released with these kinds of processes is of the greatest importance here. We are proud that we were able to develop this installation!