Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Project reports

A feature of our worldwide projects is their high level of innovation. From shot peening and high-end blasting to total concepts in the maritime and offshore industries.

Feed-through overhead conveyor wheel blasting machine and blast cabinet

A metal preservation company in Veenendaal was looking for a durable customised solution in the field of blasting at short notice. Not surprisingly they opted for Straaltechniek International. For this customer we designed and developed a feed-through conveyor wheel blasting machine and a blast cabinet for two operators.

Forwards curved blades

The wheel blasting machine forms a part of a fully integrated overhead conveyor transport system. This first guides steel profiles from the loading station through the wheel blasting machine and then transports them via the powder coating machine to the oven and the unloading station.

The wheel blasting machine is equipped with 12 shot blast wheels. The unique forwards curved blades ensure a maximum ejection speed with optimal blasting media flow. The installation’s feed-through area is 80 cm wide, 250 cm high and 9 metres long.

Blast cabinet for two operators

Another process for which Straaltechniek International offered a solution was sandblasting galvanized components, prior to powder coating. For this we built a 28 x 5 x 4.5 metre blast cabinet, in which two operators can work simultaneously. The blast cabinet is fitted with a blasting media transport and cleaning system. Two Straalmeester® blast pots do the rest.