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Project reports

A feature of our worldwide projects is their high level of innovation. From shot peening and high-end blasting to total concepts in the maritime and offshore industries.

British manufacturer of orthopaedic implants

‘Incredible!’ according to the manager of the company that had just taken a new Straaltechniek International blasting machine into service. He was referring to the fact that thanks to this machine, the production time of nearly an hour had been reduced to less than 15 minutes and since taking the machine into service not a single problem had occurred.

The renowned English company is an internationally recognised manufacturer of high-grade orthopaedic implants. Knee, hip and shoulder joints, but also extremely specialised surgical equipment are sold worldwide. As a result of this positive experience with the blasting machine, the company even ordered a second machine.


We adapted the drum blasting machine fully in line with the work pieces to be treated. For instance – in connection with a proper adhesion of implants to the bones – the degree of reproducibility with respect to cleanliness and roughness was of the utmost importance. For this we designed an advanced blasting media recycling system, which ensures an optimal composition of the blasting media that is to be reused. A perforated rubber band on the inside of the machine prevents damage to these fragile objects.

The entire installation complies with the most stringent European standards, including dust emission below 3 mg / m3.