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Service contracts

Prevent unwanted machine outages and have maintenance carried out in good time and periodically. For the preservation of your installations and to save costs.

Periodic maintenance: we will remind you

Carrying out periodic maintenance to your installations will save you costs, because carrying out repairs to defects afterwards is a time-consuming and expensive operation. It is also a great shame, as it could have been avoided. Proper and timely maintenance will also extend the service life of your machinery. Straaltechniek International makes it even easier for you if you opt for a service contract.

Service contract: how it works

We agree on a maintenance frequency. This can vary from once to twice a year. Prior to the maintenance, we will contact you by telephone in order to make an appointment on an agreed date and time. Our mechanic will carry out the necessary maintenance and will draw your attention to any (potential) defects.

All findings will be drawn up in a report, which we will send to you. We will also include the invoice for the delivered services.

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