Part handling by gear tables and satellites

Various configurations


Equipped with a satellite pallet system, when components are processed inside the machine, the operator can prepare the next batch of components on the outside satellites to minimise downtime.

Gear table

Equipped with a pallet system, when a blisk is being processed inside the machine, the operator can prepare the next blisk on the outside gear-table to minimise downtime.

Part on trolley

The powered gear table is positioned on a trolley. It is servo-driven for the rotational incremental  positioning and full rotation as well as for topple incremental positioning (from 0 – 90°). When the table is in horizontal position, components can be fixed in vertical position. When the table is toppled 90° it can hold and rotate components in horizontal position between the turntable and a tailstock. Both axis of the gear table (rotating- & toppling axis) are interpolating with the arm articulating robot. The gear table will be equipped with a face plate and has a loading capacity of up to 1.000kg.

2-Axis gear table

Face plate on tail stock

Movable trolley

  • Rotating speed of the gear table is free programmable and can be selected on the HMI operator screen
  • Both axis of the turntable have the possibility to work as a positioning device with high accuracy
  • The face plate is executed with a center locator, threaded holes and T-slots

Opposite to the gear table is a face plate on a tailstock. Components to be peened can be fixed between gear table and faceplate. The powered gear table is positioned on a trolley and is movable to accommodate components of various lengths. The trolley is completed with end stops, to ensure high-accurate positioning of the turntable inside the machine. The trolley with turntable can be moved completely out of the cabinet over precise hardened rails, for easily loading and unloading of parts on the turntable.”


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