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We have the capacity, knowledge and experience to accommodate the railway branch with an optimal mix of shot peening and water blasting solutions.

Railways: special solutions in a special branch

Railway companies cannot permit themselves the luxury of leaving train units, carriages and locomotives to stand idle. The intensive use of this rolling stock means that proper maintenance is essential and the railway industry demands specific solutions in the field of surface treatment. For decades, Straaltechniek International has specialised in this branch and offers numerous standard and customised solutions.


Our blasting halls for train units are fully geared to blasting these large objects. So for instance we fit them with a mobile platform for the operator, an effective addition which makes sure that all parts of the carriage are reached. And it is also extremely ergonomic for the operator.

Our blasting halls are fitted standard with a blasting installation, an abrasive transportation and recycling system, exhaust installation and high-efficiency lighting. We also offer numerous customer-specific solutions.

Train components

For the cleaning of components, we have standard water blasting machines. These are high-grade machines which we are able to adapt entirely to your requirements, so that you can immediately profit from our years of experience in this branch.

Shot peening

Shot peening has also proved itself over the years in the railway industry for the prevention of metal fatigue, stress corrosion and other causes of fatigue. Metal components last many more years and perform better. Straaltechniek International designs, develops and builds entire shot peening installations for the railway industry.

Selected reference projects

Rail service company in Belgium

Feed through blasting-container for a railway service company in Belgium.

Rail service company in Uzbekistan

Complete blasting- and painting rooms for train wagons.

A range of related products

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Blast rooms

Transport and recovery systems


Blastwizard® blast pots

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