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Conquering high seas

We make the impossible possible in the maritime sector. Everywhere in the world and under all conditions.

One-stop shop in surface treatment

The treatment of ship hulls and ship compartments demands special applications for the execution of surface treatment techniques. In the Combi Halls of Straaltechniek International, the entire process of blasting, cleaning, painting and drying is carried out in one single continuous operation. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Combi Hall: a revolution in the maritime sector

Straaltechniek International sets up the Combi Hall entirely to the client’s requirements. Besides the blasting and spraying installations, we design, build and place peripheral equipment such as heaters, dryers and dehumidifiers. This gives you complete control over the climate in the Combi Hall.

Environmentally friendly and safe

The Combi Halls are fitted with an abrasive recycling system so that the blasting media can be reused. The dust extraction systems and high efficiency lighting guarantee a proper view of the job and reduce dust emissions. Special paint spray walls limit the paint spray to a minimum while spraying.

Selected reference projects

Tug builder in Vietnam

1 blasting and painting hall and 3 painting halls.

Blasting and painting halls for a Norwegian shipbuilder

2 Complete combined blasting and painting halls.

Six Combined Blasting and Painting Halls for a shipyard in Turkey

6 Complete combined blasting and painting halls.

A range of related products

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