Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

From a nozzle to a multimillion project

The right equipment for each branch or product. You can fix any job with our standard equipment in the field of blasting, paint spraying, metallization and compressed air conditioning.

The newest techniques in blasting equipment

Each branch or object demands its own specific process for surface treatment. Straaltechniek International offers a wide diversity of standard blasting equipment with accessories. The most modern techniques have incorporated here, because our experiences of the past decades have always been incorporated into a new design.

Certified blasting pots

Straaltechniek International designed the patented Straalmeester® blasting pot. This unique blasting pot delivers extremely high efficiency and complies with the highest safety standards. Besides the standard version, we (as one of the few companies) can also supply you with a blasting pot with CE marking or ATEX certification.

Blasting cabinets

For smaller objects, you can use a blasting cabinet. We can deliver numerous versions, including an abrasive recycling system. A dust extraction system in combination with a large window ensures a good view of the work piece and ergonomic use.

Blasting media

Straaltechniek International is a total supplier of blasting media, for grit blasting as well as shot blasting. We also advise on the correct blasting media and blasting process for the work piece which is to be treated and you can consult us for the disposal of used blasting media.

A range of related products

Underneath you’ll find a selection of related products to our general program. For our complete delivery program, you can visit the equipment pages, our online store or contact us directly.



Shot peen nozzles


GN Wheel®

Blast rooms

Wheelblasting machines

Blastwizard® blast pots

Dust collectors and filtres


Peening media

Salt measurement instruments

Blast cabinets

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