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Straaltechniek International and the world of foundries: they seem to have been created for each other. Our patented GN Wheel® even survives the most destructive impact test of this industry.

Patented GN Wheel®

Prior to post-processing, metal castings are cleaned by means of wheel blasting. This process releases forces which cause peak loads on the blasting wheel of the blasting machine. Straaltechniek International developed the GN Wheel®, a robust blasting wheel with wear-resistant blades having the longest service life on earth.

Wheel blasting in foundries

In heavy industries such as an iron foundry, blasting machines have a hard time. While blasting metal castings, enormous forces are released; not only the blasting media itself, but also vented moulding sand particles have a devastating effect on the blades of the blasting wheel. This results in high costs, among other things due to machine outages and wear of components.

Longest service life on the market

Straaltechniek International developed a new wheel blasting turbine with the longest service life on the market. The innovative design of this patented GN Wheel® provides a service life extension of a factor 10 and an efficiency increase of at least 70%!

Even with the use of sharp-edged grit, such as GL, the GN Wheel® is a winner. For instance, our customers with GN® turbines are winners as far as lower costs and longer ‘up-times’ of the machine are concerned.

High efficiency and improved blasting media flow

The GN Wheel® is fitted with forwards curved, hard metal blades and an ingenious blade support system. The innovative design of the GN Wheel® ensures an optimised blasting media flow of up to a factor of 7 in comparison with turbines now on the market. Moreover, an energy saving of 5% is realised. An optimised blasting media flow also ensures a service life extension of the side plates of up to a factor of 3.

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GN Wheel®

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