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Where hygiene is the 'core business'

In the food industry we daily make our contribution to a healthy society.

Highest degree of cleanliness

In the food industry, it is all about hygiene. Industrial bread machines, kitchen equipment and cooling units are just some examples for which the materials used must comply with the most stringent standards regarding ‘cleanliness’.

So smooth stainless steel (SS) is a much used material in this branch: food residue is hardly left behind. Moreover, the material can be easily cleaned. To obtain this smooth surface, the metal is treated by means of blasting with glass beads: an environmentally friendly solution in comparison with the chemical methods.

Customised solutions in the food chain

For the protection of new equipment (blasting with glass beads) as well as for the removal of anti-stick coatings (blasting with corundum), use is made of the customised solutions of Straaltechniek International. For instance, we develop and supply made to measure blast cabinets and blasting booths for the food industry.

Fully-automatic blast cabinet throughput

Our compact throughput blast cabinets work with the utmost precision thanks to a fully-automatic lance and detection system. Consequently, this process proceeds error-free and the result complies with the most stringent standards set by the food industry.

Fully equipped blast cabinets

For larger objects, we supply fully customised equipped blast cabinets in which the operator is provided with every convenience. Modern vacuum systems, blasting media transport and cleaning systems and the reuse of blasting media are standard here. But we can just as easily provide a cabinet with a robot!

A range of related products

Underneath you’ll find a selection of related products to the energy industry. For our complete delivery program, you can visit the equipment pages, our online store or contact us directly.


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