Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

For a safe take-off, flight and landing

Shot peening extends the working life of crucial aeroplane components. Factor 100 is no exception in this respect.

Shot peening and high-end blasting in the aerospace industry

Aeroplane components are subject to constantly changing loads, so that the dangers of metal fatigue are always lurking around the corner. Shot peening is the proven solution for this. Straaltechniek International has been applying this technique successfully for years on (for instance) undercarriages, turbine blades, discs and shafts.

Customisation in shot peening

Straaltechniek International designs, develops and builds complete shot peening and high-end blasting installations for the aerospace industry and supplies these on a turnkey basis. Our solutions are fully adapted to the wishes and requirements of the customer while processes with a repetitive character are automated as far as possible.

Innovator in shot peening

We have vast knowledge of the extremely critical process specifications which have been drawn up by the engine and aeroplane OEMs. It is not without reason that our innovations in shot peening have enabled them to take a crucial step in their manufacturing processes.


The installations of Straaltechniek International are eminently suitable for compliance with standards such as: NADCAP, AS9100, FAA and EASA.

Selected reference projects

Landing gear manufacturer

Dual media robotic shotpeen machine for landing gear components

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Robotic grit blasting machine for aero engine components.

OEM Engine Manufacturer

Two each twin robotic dual media shot peening machine for aero engine components.

A range of related products

Underneath you’ll find a selection of related products to the energy industry. For our complete delivery program, you can visit the equipment pages, our online store or contact us directly.


Peening Accessories

Peening media

Shot peen nozzles

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