Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

State of the art

We offer customised solutions in wheel blasting. Regardless the shape, the size or the vulnerability of the work pieces.

Unlimited possibilities

Depending on your requirements, we develop a machine which fits in perfectly with your wishes. Sometimes that will be a standard machine with a few modifications, another time we will create a completely new concept. This way you will immediately benefit from our years of experience which has led to these high-grade systems.

Our systems comply with all European standards and the most stringent quality requirements regarding (among others): cleaning of the blasting media, dust emissions and switch box control.

Drum blast cleaning machine

Suitable for many types of objects, in a wide variety of shapes, also for delicate workpieces.

Overhead conveyor blast cleaning machine

For blasting items which can be hung up on hooks.

Roller conveyor blast cleaning machine

Special installations for blasting steel plate, profiles, sections, pipes, etc.

Turntable blast cleaning machine

For workpieces of varying sizes and weight, which none of the above installations are suitable for.

Standard wheel blasting machines

Besides fully tailored solutions we also provide standard wheel blasting machines, which we can also fully align to your requirements.

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