Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Revolutionary blasting wheel

Ten times longer lifespan than all existing models and a 70% increase in efficiency! That is what our innovative and patented "GN wheel®" stands for.

GN Wheel®: Optimum performance in comparison with traditional wheels

Straaltechniek International has been working closely for a number of years with OEMs in the sector in order to improve the technology, blasting media and processes. We developed the unique GN Wheel®, a wheel blasting turbine with extremely high efficiency and extended economic life.

High efficiency and improved shot-flow

The GN Wheel® is equipped with forward curved hard metal blades and an ingenious blade support. This innovation improves the shot-flow and extends the economic life of the blades considerably. This means that the GN Wheel® has a high yield, low energy use, minimum maintenance costs and is extremely suitable for angular steel grit. In addition downtime for replacement of blades is kept to a minimum, because the user can replace these in situ, without the turbine needing to be dismantled.

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