Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Specialist in blasting media

We offer a complete range of abrasives and peening media. We are the proven specialists in this field and we will be happy to advise you about the right blast media and the ideal mix for every job!

Blasting media for every application

Which blasting media is the best for my job? What is the result of a certain blasting media in combination with my blasting method? Straaltechniek International carries out tests and can advise you about the best blasting media mix.

Own tests and checks

We have our own completely furnished test blasting area with laboratory. Based on tests on your products, we will advise you which kind of blasting media, grain size and blasting process is best suitable for you. We can determine, for instance, the quality of a blast medium and the settings of a blasting machine. We can also compare the result with a blast norm (SIS) established beforehand. We produce a laboratory report and share our recommendations with you from all the tests to achieve the best result.

Blasting media for wheelblasting purposes available at Straaltechniek International

Steel shot

For blasting diverse components. Available to a broad range of specifications.

Steel grit

For blasting steel plates and profiles as well as deburring and cleaning of castings.

Plastic media

For stripping delicate materials. Applications in the aviation and car industries for blasting thin-walled aluminium products.

Ceramic beads

An alternative for glass beads. Ceramic blasting media have a greater hardness, which produces less dust and waste.

Stainless steel

For cleansing stainless steel parts like moulds.

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