Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Innovators in wheel blasting technology

We combine customisation and highest efficiency in a durable installation. For this we belong to the top in the world of wheel blasting technology.

GN Wheel®: revolutionary blasting wheel

Straaltechniek International designs, develops and builds complete high-end wheel blasting machines and delivers these on a turnkey basis. We have years of proven service in this field so that we can include renowned companies in our clientele.

With the development of the patented GN wheel®, we set a new standard for wheel blasting which still holds today. Thanks to the high efficiency and great durability of this blasting wheel, we are leading in wheel blasting.

Wheelblasting machines

Customised solutions in wheel blasting. Regardless the shape, the size or the vulnerability of the work pieces. Large or small, robust or fragile, round, square or arbitrary.

GN Wheel®

Ten times longer lifespan than all existing models and a 70% increase in efficiency! That is what our innovative and patented GN wheel® stands for.

Blasting media

A complete range of blasting media for various applications and extensive advice regarding the correct blasting media solution for your specific job.

Used installations

Are you in need of a shotblasting machine but you do not want to invest in a full new installation? Choose a 2nd hand machine by Straaltechniek. Quality guaranteed!