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Complete range

A complete range of shot peening media for various applications and extensive advice regarding the correct grain size for your specific job.

Advice and testing

Shot peening is a special blasting method whereby extremely strict requirements are set for the permitted blasting media. This concerns grain size, homogeneity, durability and hardness, to name a few. As a proven expert in this branch, we would like to advise you regarding the blasting media required.

Would you like to know beforehand which blasting media is most suitable? Then we will conduct a test beforehand. We will also take care of the disposal of used blasting media for you.

Peening media available at Straaltechniek International

Steel shot

For shot peening diverse components. Available to a broad range of specifications.

Glass beads

Completely iron-free blasting media to ensure absolutely no rust can form on the blasted surface. Applicable for cleaning, deburring, pre-treatment, surface and satin finishes.

Ceramic beads

An alternative for glass beads. Ceramic blasting media have a greater hardness, which produces less dust and waste.

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