Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Innovator in shot peening

Straaltechniek International is the number one innovator in shot peening and offers the most advanced solutions in the high-end metal processing industry.

Shot peening in the aerospace industry

Shot peening is the proven solution for metal fatigue. We have been successfully applying this technique for years in the aerospace industry, where for instance turbine components and landing gear are continuously exposed to changing loads. A lifespan extension of a factor 100 is no exception in this respect.

Our solutions are fully adapted to the wishes and requirements of the customer while processes with a repetitive character are automated as far as possible.

Shot peening installations

We design, develop and build complete shot peening installations with a high degree of automation and robotization.

Peening accessories

Straaltechniek International is official distributor for Peening Accessories GmbH.

Peening media

A complete range of peening media for various purposes. We would also like to advise you regarding the correct grain size for your specific job.