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Dust collectors and filters

For a better environment and safe working environment we supply mechanically cleaned baghouse filters and compressed air cleaned cartridge filters.

The right system for every situation

For de-dusting during the blasting process we offer you the choice of a mechanical or compressed air cleaned de-dusting system. With continuous production, a compressed air cleaned filter is the preferred solution. Other factors which play a part are the location and probably the available budget.

Straaltechniek International supplies both systems in different versions. Do you work at several locations? Then the mobile variant is perhaps a solution.


Mechanical filter with accessories and periodic cleaning. Low running costs and suitable for short production processes.


Compressed air filter with continuous cleaning. Suitable for continuous production processes. Easily replaceable filter cartridges.

Transportable filters

Moveable filter for working at different locations. For instance for blasting ships, bridges and electricity transmission pylons.

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