Innovators in blasting and shot peening technology

Combi hall: a world-class idea!

As a supplier we are a world-class player in the marine industry. We have been supplying our revolutionary Combi halls to our worldwide clients for more than three decades now.

The one stop shop for the marine industry

Straaltechniek International developed an unique ‘one stop’ process for the blasting, cleaning, painting and drying of sections of ships.

Non stop production

By achieving the right combination and calibration of the various types of apparatus within the Combihall, a one-stop production process is made possible.

Optimum climate management

Special mobile heaters, dryers and dehumidifiers ensure complete climate control, which enables the entire production process to continue 24 hours per day.

Savings on abrasives and reduced waste

The Combihall is equipped with an abrasive recycling system. Used abrasive is collected, cleaned and transported to a silo for re-use. This solution leads to considerable savings in usage of abrasives, and less waste.

Safe and responsible working environment

The dust extraction system, combined with high-efficiency lighting, guarantees good visibility of the work to be carried out and a significant reduction in dust emissions within the working environment. The special paint booths keep the level of paint mist to a minimum during spraying, which means that operators can perform their work in a safe and responsible environment.

Minimum internal transport

Due to the one stop process for the blasting, cleaning, painting and drying of ship sections in the Combihall, internal transport is kept to a minimum.

These combi-halls have been designed by Straaltechniek International

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