Roller conveyor type shot blasting machines

The roller conveyor type shot blasting machine is one of the widely used machine to blast parts that have usually large surface area such as large plate structures and that which can be easily handled over a roller conveyor.

These machines are economical and compact as compared to hang rail system. As the name suggests, the machine is provided with roller conveyor that transports the part from feed in location to the feed out location while going through the blast section. Based on the machine specifications, the blast section can have one or more blasting  units. When the part passes through the blast zone, the abrasive/grit/shot impacts the part and the blasting process is carried out. However during this process, dust is emanated  which is extracted by the dust extraction/ filtration unit. 

The used blast media is recovered from the lower region of the machine which is transported to the bucket elevator system. The bucket elevator, lifts and transports the media to a media cleaning unit located towards the top of the elevator unit. Smaller particles, remaining dust, etc are separated out in the cleaning unit and the media is transported back to the blasting units. 

The machine is supplied with inlet and outlet sluices provided with multiple particle trapping rubber screens. These rubber flap screens traps the particle and avoids the media exiting system. 

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