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Blasting machines with blasting wheels

Depending on your requirements, we develop a machine which fits in perfectly with your wishes. Sometimes that will be a standard machine with a few modifications, another time we will create a completely new concept. This way you will immediately benefit from our years of experience which has led to these high-grade systems.

Our systems comply with all European standards and the most stringent quality requirements regarding (among others): cleaning of the blasting media, dust emissions and switch box control.

Spinner hanger wheel blasting machines

Our standard machines come with faster delivery times and competitive pricing.

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Overhead conveyor wheel blasting machines

For your unique products which need bespoke solutions we offer fully customized machines.

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Roller conveyor wheel blasting machines

Special installations for blasting steel plate, profiles, sections, pipes, etc.

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Turntable wheel blasting machines

For workpieces of varying sizes and weight, which none of the above installations are suitable for.

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Drum wheel blasting machines

Suitable for many types of objects, in a wide variety of shapes, also for delicate workpieces.



Modernization of your existing blasting system by Straaltechniek International.

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Modernization of your existing blasting system by Straaltechniek International

Are you considering purchasing a new one for your existing blasting machine, as it can no longer meet the required requirements?

These reasons could be, for example:

  • Change in manufacturing, product or handling
  • Throughput or system availability decreases
  • Long downtimes due to frequent repairs or long blasting / cleaning times?
  • Production safety or the plant safety is no longer given due to the state of the art?
  • Health-related type

If one of these points already applies, it often makes sense to have it checked and assessed by a specialist from Straaltechniek International. A plant modernization is often the faster, more cost-efficient and more economical solution than purchasing a new one. Successful results can be achieved quickly by modernizing your existing systems, here are some possible examples:

Reconstruction, exchange, repositioning of the blasting wheels if necessary. even additional blasting wheels:

  • Increase in production quality and quantity
  • Better processing results and higher throughput
  • Less abrasive consumption
  • Less system wear and tear and better system availability
  • Lower costs for wearing parts and maintenance thanks to longer maintenance intervals and more powerful wearing parts
  • Reduction of energy and operating costs

Modernization or optimization of the filter system, the blasting media cycle and the blasting media refill

  • Achievement of a higher cleaning standard
  • More efficient blast media separation and filter performance
  • Retrofitting a refill bunker for a constant and optimal operating mixture
  • Statutory regulations, such as B. Emission Regulations
  • Optimizing waste disposal
  • Noise level reduction
  • Ergonomic requirements



Machine modernization

  • Blasting chamber conversion
  • Conveyor systems, security gates, sound insulation, robot solutions, feeders, magnetic separators
  • Control upgrades and safety sensors
  • Remote maintenance option

Summarized advantages of a feasible modernization:

  • The amortization of the investment occurs very quickly
  • A modernization often has a lower investment compared to a new system
  • The execution of a modernization is much faster compared to the delivery time of a new system
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