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Shot peening nozzles

It is crucial for the shot peening process: the nozzle. For the correct shot peening intensity, select one of our specially designed models.

Shot peening is an extremely careful process in which the nozzle is one of the crucial factors. In order to achieve the correct intensity, a standard nozzle will usually not suffice. During the past three decades, Straaltechniek International has designed numerous special nozzles, fully adapted to the blasting media used and the product to be treated.

If required, we will also design a special shot peening nozzle for your area of application.

The right shot peening nozzle for every process:

Shot peen nozzle 570mm

Shot peen nozzle 90-124

Shot peen nozzle Extended

Shot peen nozzle 90-123

Shot peen nozzle BC 8.0mm 45 deg

Shot peen nozzle HM complete

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