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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

A fully-controlled blasting process is vitally important for surface treatment in the aviation industry. The proven total solution offered by Straaltechniek International in this field was the most important reason for a Dutch client to engage our services.

With sites in 11 countries worldwide, this MRO supplier is a major player in gas turbine engines. One of its key areas of expertise is extending the life of the engines and to maintain its excellent reputation, the company needed partners capable of helping to develop innovative solutions.

Fully-controlled blasting process

An important process for guaranteeing a long lifespan is the application of a plasma coating to protect the surface of the metal. Prior to this coating process, oxides, etc., have to be removed from the surface and the surface has to be roughened; for this step in the process Straaltechniek International developed a high-end grit blasting machine with a fully-controlled blasting process. This means that quality is guaranteed and the process variation is virtually zero.

The emphasis for Straaltechniek International installations is on quality assurance; processes with a repetitive nature are automated as much as possible. This guarantees the best, most consistent quality at the lowest cost.

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