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OEM Engine Manufacturer

Over the decades, we have acquired a great deal of know-how in relation to highly-critical process specifications that are set by engine and aircraft OEMs, and it is therefore for a good reason that our innovations in shot peening represent a vital step in their production processes.

A leading British manufacturer of aircraft engines was looking for a partner that did more than just build machines. Working in close collaboration with the company’s project team, Straaltechniek International developed a complete system that is more than the sum of the individual parts.

‘Green Button’ process

The fundamental principle was a process that did not involve manual interventions. The robotic shot peening installation that was supplied met all of the client’s requirements, amongst other things through process innovation, blasting media classification and process control.

  • Maximum productivity by using two fully-automated robots.
  • Use of two-diameter steel shot.
  • Fully-automated changeover for 10 different nozzles.
  • Fully-automated classification of peening media, resulting in best quality continuity without variation.
  • Continuous process control and process corrections during the shot peening process. This is possible by using a ‘closed-loop’ system, which also provides monitoring and data logging.
  • Fully adapted for blisks.

The Straaltechniek International installations are perfect for clients who would like to comply with NADCAP, AS9100, FAA and EASA requirements, to name but a few.

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