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Automotive company in inner Mongolia (North China)

Transmission shafts, gear wheels, gear boxes, drive gear. Each of these are crucial components within the automotive industry. For optimal operation and a long service life, shot peening is frequently applied in this industry. For a globally operating company in the North of China, Straaltechniek International developed a robust solution with a high degree of automation and robotization.

This client required a shot peening solution with high productivity against low costs. Moreover, objects of various shapes and sizes had to be treated in a random sequence.

In close collaboration with the client, we developed a fully automated machine, including a 6-axle robot with two nozzles. The installation is suitable for products with different dimensions and shapes. Thanks to the specially developed software and the use of positioning tables, it is possible to keep a constant distance between the nozzle and the object to be treated during the process. Independently of the product size, symmetry or the sequence of treatment.

or the quick exchange of work pieces, the installation was fitted with two positioning tables. So while one product is being treated in the machine, the next object is being prepared on the positioning table outside the machine. This creates a virtually non-stop process with high productivity and low costs.

non-stop process with high productivity and low costs. Peening media are efficiently and effectively used because they are fully automatically recovered and classified.

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