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A German global player in the energy sector

In the energy sector, the added value of shot peening is being increasingly recognised. There is a big necessity to maximise the service life of components in a durable sector such as this one. The fully automatic shot peening machine that Straaltechniek International developed for this company met the client’s highest demands.

One of those demands was an extremely controlled method of shot peening with a high degree of reproducibility. Another aspect was the productivity: there had to be a maximum uptime percentage. There were also environmental requirements, such as noise reduction: 76 dB(A) was not allowed to be exceeded!

Thanks to the many years of close collaboration with this client, we succeeded in meeting all (!) demands! This resulted in a fully automated machine for continuous production and an uptime percentage of at least 98%!

A room, 6 nozzles and an optimised loading system ensure a continuous process. Thanks to the specially designed software, the distance between the nozzle and the object to be treated is constantly in agreement with the pre-set parameters. Peening media are efficiently and effectively used thanks to the fully automatic recovery and classification. Process control and visualisation can still be done during the process and are recorded in real time.

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