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Blasting machine for fragile and delicate components

An internationally operating company that develops cooling systems for the automotive industry was searching for a blasting solution for cleaning fragile fixtures. Thanks to our extensive experience with innovations in this feld and a competitive price, this company opted for Straaltechniek International.

The customers of this high-tech company are the big brands of lorry manufacturers all over the world. At their factory in Sweden, among other things extremely fragile, soldered fixtures of only 3 mm thickness are used for the construction of cooling systems. So the removal of soldering residue and the moving of these objects has to be done very carefully. This company’s old machine was not suitable for this because the necessary blasting media had too destructive an effect on the components to be treated. Moreover, the machine’s maintenance costs were high and ergonomically the job was heavy for the operator. So the challenge was to create just one solution for all these problems.

Straaltechniek International developed a heavy-duty, low-noise machine with which the objects can be easily treated with the GH type blasting media. Three GN-wheels® significantly extend the service life of the blasting wheels and reduce maintenance costs. The ergonomic problem was solved by placing an external control panel for this fully-automatic machine. The system was carefully tuned to ensure that the required blast quality is achieved without having any damaging effects on the fragile parts. This called for collective experience of over 40 years to ensure that the productivity, quality and ease of use are all met. 

Besides this, employee safety has also received attention. By means of two safety zones at the front of the machine and a laser scanner, nobody can get too close to the machine. As soon as someone enters the safety zone, the machine stops. The activities are immediately resumed only when this person leaves the safety zone.

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