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Automatic overhead conveyor wheel blasting machine

Straaltechniek has been developing standard and customized machines to various clients to meet particular needs in foundries. One of the most wides machine in foundry applications are a hang rail wheel blasting system which are offered as inline solution that offers semi-automatic blasting or fully automatic blasting capabilities.  

Shot blasting or grit blasting is a metal finishing process used either for preparing the surface for further processes or as a final surface finishing method. When the surface is blasted with abrasive at high speed, the abrasives or also known as blast media will impart the required roughness for further deposition process or remove unnecessary impurities and make the surface clean and uniform texture/tone.

Die casted parts are usually treated with abrasives prior to different surface treatments like  glass coating, ceramic coating, electroplating, galvanizing, welding etc. Shot blasting is used widely to prepare the die casted surfaces prior to such surface treatment processes. Grit blasting or shot blasting has two fold advantage: it improves surface stress concentration thus increasing the part lifetime and also provides more surface area by means of increasing surface roughness needed for proper adhesion of coating materials in further surface treatment/enhancement methods. 

One can only imagine the myriad size and shapes of parts used in different applications. Based on the part size, shape, production rate etc it can be difficult to blast parts manually and Straaltechniek wheel blasting machines offers bespoke solutions.

The machine shows the overhead hang rail system or hanger conveyor on which the products can be suspended on the rails and grit blasted with our patented GN wheels. This particular machine uses 14 GN wheels with continuous blasting capability in a specially designed blast cabin. GN wheels have proved track record or 10x more life time and can achieve higher media or grit ejection velocities than any other wheel in the market. The machine enhanced the production rate by 45% and achieved an increase in efficiency by over 70%. 

Would you like to know how Straaltechniek can work as a partner with you to offer solutions which can greatly increase the efficiency, quality, durability and productivity ? Please fill up the form or feel free to call one of our branches or head office in The Netherlands.

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