We shot peen for you

Straaltechniek International is designing and manufacturing advanced shot peening machines for many well-known companies worldwide like Air France KLM, STORK FOKKER, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Chromalloy, Lockheed Martin, AVIC, COMAC, and Hyundai Motors.

We have broadened our capability & scope and started offering shot peening services in house several years ago. For this addition to our core business we have built a fully-automated, robotic shot peening machine that is available at your discretion. Based on our know-how and experience for more than two decades, we have developed and built this state-of-the-art installation to entirely suffice your shot peening requirements.

Specialist subcontract shot peening supplier
We are the specialist subcontract shot peening supplier to industries requiring expertly outsourced shot peening services. Together we will define the best practice to obtain maximum benefit from the shot peening process for your part i.e. increase of the fatigue-life, increase resistance to fretting, galling, cavitation erosion, stress-corrosion cracking, intergranular corrosion and hydrogen-embrittlement.

It does not matter if you want us to process one part or if you require high (-er) quantities. Parts like gears, bolts, disks, spools, shafts, (toothed-) wheels, pumps, valves, springs, torsion bars, blades and vanes can be processed up to 1,5 meter x 1,5 meter.


Straaltechniek International Group

We offer the most advanced solutions in the (high-end) metal processing industry and supply customisation for each specific problem.

A global network of sales and service points provides support in the execution of our extremely diverse range of projects.

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