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Straaltechniek International, known for its constant innovative developments in the field of blasting technology, has significantly advanced the development of blast wheel technology.

Based on decades of experience in kinematics and material qualities, the new, optimized GN Wheel® was created. The optimization of the curved blades made it possible, among other things, to utilize the full usable width of the blades and thus significantly increase the blasting power, blasting media flow and service life of the entire blasting wheel.

Why Straaltechniek International?

  • special C-shape of the blades
  • completely new blade holder (patent BE2012 / 0244)
  • improved abrasive flow
  • Own service department
  • Delivery options from stock
  • Over 30 years of experience in the blasting technique

GN Wheel®: the technology

  • up to 70% higher blasting efficiency
  • 10 times longer life expectancy of the blades
  • 3 times longer service life of the blast wheel – side windows
  • extremely suitable for blasting with angular steel abrasives
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Wheel blasting systems

  • completely customer-specific, but also standard blasting system solutions
  • suitable for many types of objects
  • strictest quality requirements
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References wheel blasting systems

  • High-end wheel blasting systems
  • optimal cleaning of the abrasive
  • Dust emissions below 3mg / m3
  • Control cabinet with PLC control
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Revolutionary throwing blades holder

With conventionally constructed blade mounts, these are subject to extremely high stress and bending loads from the blades. In order to minimize these destructive forces, Straaltechniek International has developed a completely new blade holder. This revolutionary development (patent BE 2012/0244) minimizes the loads by a factor of 10 compared to all systems available on the market.

Control cage
Full width blade support
Forward curved, exchangeable blades

High efficiency and optimization of the abrasive flow

The symmetrical sandwich construction (double side panes) of the GN Wheel® ensures an efficient and even flow of blasting media within the blast wheel. Conventional blasting wheels lose power due to the turbulence of the abrasive inside the turbine. The revolutionary throwing blade mount of the GN wheel ®, which at the same time takes on the task of connecting webs, avoids these performance-reducing blasting media turbulence. The innovative design of the GN Wheel® guarantees a 7 times better flow of blasting media, 5% higher energy efficiency and 3 times longer service life of the side windows compared to all other turbines available on the market.

The blasting wheel workings

Special C-shape of the blades

Straaltechniek International has further developed the principle of the C-throwing blades under the aspect of minimizing stress factors and this leads to the revolutionary concept of the unit of throwing blade and throwing blade holder. Thanks to the precise knowledge of the kinematics and the blade receiving units developed from it, the impact energy at the entrance of the blasting agent to the throwing blade is massively minimized, so that the throwing blade and blasting agent are less stressed. A curvature of the throwing blades adapted to the trajectory parabola enables a 25% higher exit speed of the abrasive, which results in a significantly lower consumption of abrasive. The performance of the GN Wheel® is up to 70% higher than that of conventional blasting wheels.

Extremely easy to maintain

When developing the GN Wheel®, Straaltechniek International also attached great importance to ease of maintenance in order to keep the costs for downtime and assembly particularly low for the operator.

Delivery program

The GN Wheel® is available in diameters of 300 – 506 mm and can be used on all existing and future blast wheel machines. The GN Wheel® has proven its effectiveness under the toughest operating conditions, e.g. when using angular blasting media type GH with a hardness> 64 HRC and can be optimally retrofitted regardless of the blasting system manufacturer.

Blast wheel retrofitting

Retrofitting of the existing blower wheel systems with the new GN wheel® is possible without any problems. Please turn to our staff in confidence.

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