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Our parent company is specialised in selecting, designing, engineering, and manufacturing of filters. Through us you have access to their vast unlimited experience and know-how. Naaykens was found over 75 years ago and is family owned. This page provides further information about the filters.

Various configurations

Separating coarse and fine particles

Fine particles (green) – Air flow around deflector

The air with the finer dust particles is distributed in the dust space and is sucked in from the outside, through the filter cartridges, so that the dust is separated. The cartridges are cleaned by means of compressed air shocks

Baffle plate – Separation of coarse particles

The unit is equipped with integrated pre-separators The dirty air first encounters this baffle plate. Heavier particles cannot damage the filter cartridges thanks to the protection provided by the baffle plate. The coarse dust is directly collected in the dust collecting funnel. Without the baffle plate, heavier particles would directly attack the filter media, increasing wear.

Bigger particles (red)

Separated by baffle plate

Unique features

  • Integrated pre-separator
  • Integrated compartment for compressed air cleaning, reducing noise emission
  • Adjustable pulsing to reduce cost
  • Easy and quick replacement of cartridges
  • Ultra efficient fans that minimise power requirements and reduce power consumption

Basics of airflow

An airspeed of for instance 20 m/s is normal for steel particles, where the airspeed in the filter compartment is reduced to below 1 m/s.

Pat-Jet Easy Access Others
Thickness steel sheet 3, 5, and 10 mm 1,5 and 2mm
Filter cartridges Polyester Cellulose
Pre-separator Up to 5x lowering air speed Up to 2x
Pressure vessel Up to 3x more cleaning power and -capacity No
Sound 87 dB(A) 90 dB(A)
Technical assistance For sure; personal, remote, online, on site. “Read the manual”

Methods for dust collection

Retaining frame

ATEX / Explosion proof in combination with ATEX blockage indicator in the funnel. Frame pushes waste drum up against filter.

Big Bag

Holds large volume of dust and can be placed on a pallet for easy disposal. (Possibility of ATEX including earthing)

Plastic bag

Directly attached under conical valve and easy and quick to attach with clamp ring.

Comparison matrix for dust collection

Type Price ATEX Need more height? Observable when full?
Plastic bag ++ No No Yes
Big Bag ++ Option Yes Yes
50 Liter drum +/- No No No
200 Liter drum + No Yes No
Retaining frame + 50 Liter drum Yes No No

Types of valves

Conical valve

Funnel of filter ends on this flange
The motor-gear unit
The blades; often partly made of rubber

Rotary valve

Butterfly valve

Comparison matrix for the reception methods

Type Price ATEX Need more height? Function
Conical valve ++ No No Gravity
Rotary valve No Yes Electric
Butterfly valve ++ Yes No Manual

There you go So now you’ll have an idea about the workings of industrial filters. Our consultants are ready to answer your questions by phone, via email or WhatsApp (button below). Or go back to the overview of custom blast cabinets!

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