High-End solution for separating your abrasive

This system is used to separate magnetizable blasting media (e.g. steel, cast iron) from non-magnetizable blasting media (e.g. corundum, glass, ceramic). The separation system includes a motor-driven drum magnet and a demagnetizing unit to remove magnetism from the metallic steel blasting medium.

Magnet separation system

The motor-driven drum magnet consists of a non-magnetizable stainless steel drum with casing. The drum rotates in a stationary, strong magnetic system. Supply takes place at the top of the drum, which attracts and retains the ferrous particles. The drum then rotates 90º and the non-magnetic material falls off the drum. The ferrous particles stick to the drum and only fall off the drum, where the magnetic field ends.

The carrier mounted on the drum discharges the ferrous particles in a separate output. Special brushes prevent dust particles from leaking through the iron particle outlet.

After the separation of the magnetizable and non-magnetizable abrasive has taken place, the separated abrasive types are each sent to its own abrasive cleaner with cascade cleaner or. windsifter, in which the magnetizable abrasive is first demagnetized.

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