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Increase productivity and job satisfaction

The introduction of LED is of course a cost saving and quality improvement for a blast cabinet.

It is essential for your employees that there is good visibility of the product. Every employee likes to keep working and this is only possible with optimal light. Our experience in building and maintaining hundreds of blasting cabinets at home and abroad has led to a method and choice of light that has consistently proven successful.

The advantages:

  • sustainable
  • lower costs
  • higher productivity
  • better end result

Optimal placement of lighting

Below you can see an example of the parameters we work with when determining the lighting. Software supports us in the calculation that will lead to the optimal choice.

Surface p [%] E-gem [lx] E-s [lx] E-max [lx] E-s / E-gem
work surface 1068 592 1376 0.554
Floor 0 1068 592 1376 0.554
Ceiling 0 4.92 0.25 40 0.050
Walls (4) 0 407 37 2748
Working area: Height: 0.000m, Grid 128 x 64 points, Edge zone 0.000m
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