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The elevator provides vertical transport of the abrasive. It consists of a vertical housing with a pulley in the elevator head and a pulley in the elevator base. An endless belt on which steel cups are mounted runs over these pulleys. These cups scoop the abrasive in the elevator foot, transport it to the elevator head and dump the abrasive in the outlet towards the abrasive cleaner.

Elevator head

The elevatorhead is provided with a geared motor which drives the elevator belt. A pulley is mounted on the output shaft. The geared motor is mounted on a flange plate which is mounted on a tensioning device.

Elevator lift

The elevator takes the abrasive from the lowest level to the highest level in the abrasive recovery system. It is simply an electrically powered belt with cups that raise up to thousands of kilos of abrasive + dust per hour to be separated. The cups each have a capacity of approximately 5 kg.

Elevator base

The elevator base is equipped with several inspection / service hatches. The elevator base is adapted to the type of cross transport: The centering of the belt on the lower pulley can be checked via the service hatch. The belt centering can only be adjusted by the vertical alignment of the elevator.


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