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Cleaner 400 R

The elevator pours the abrasive into the cleaner. The large contaminants are stopped by a permanently installed but removable sieve. Subsequently, the abrasive is collected behind a distribution valve and distributed as much as possible over the width of the cleaner. The abrasive then falls like a curtain through an air stream and is thus dusted (Windsifter). The cleaned abrasive falls into the silo. The air flow takes the dust to the separate extraction (pre-separator) where it is separated and collected in a dust bag.

Shaking sieve

The sieve of the standard cleaner should be emptied regularly. To prevent this, the standard cleaner can be equipped with a shaking sieve. This is placed on top of the cleaner. The abrasive is then ejected by the elevator above this screen. The sieve is mounted slightly inclined on leaf springs and is shaken back and forth. The drive can be done by a shaking motor or by a motor with belt transmission and eccentric shaft. The abrasive falls through the sieve and the larger parts are discharged from the front via a hose to a waste bag.

Cleaner 400 RS - incl. shaker screen

This combines both of the above solutions.

High-End solution for separating your abrasive

This system is used to separate magnetizable blasting media (e.g. steel, cast iron) from non-magnetizable blasting media (e.g. corundum, glass, ceramic). The separation system includes a motor-driven drum magnet and a demagnetizing unit to remove magnetism from the metallic steel blasting medium.

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