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Cleaner extraction system

The cleaner is extracted by means of a separate extractor, in the form of a 2-cartridge continuously compressed air-cleaned cartridge filter type Pat-Jet® 2 / 13VA. This filter is preferably placed in the vicinity of the abrasive cleaner and connected to the extraction point on the cleaner by means of a fixed pipe (equipped with control valves).

This filter is switched on as long as the media recovery system is in operation. After shutdown, the Pat-Jet® filter fan stops and the post-cleaning cycle starts.

The cleaning cycle is adjustable with pause and pulse time. During the cleaning time, the filter cartridge is blown clean with compressed air at regular intervals.

Its application has the advantage that the suction capacity is fully utilized for the extraction of the cleaner and thus a constant flow
is available for extracting the dust from the blasting media flow. As a result, the composition of the operating mix will remain the same, which has a positive effect on the blasting process.

The above solution almost always applies to the extraction of the cleaner. Our consultants are ready to answer your questions by phone, via email or WhatsApp (button below). Or go back to the overview of custom blast cabinets!

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