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Blasting with clean compressed air

Straaltechniek International is an official Parker distributor and has been distributing the Parker-HIROSS product package for more than 40 years.

Parker-HIROSS is a leading manufacturer of compressed air aftercoolers, separators, filters, refrigeration dryers, chillers, etc. For decades these products have been developed, tested and manufactured by Parker-HIROSS in its own factories.

Official distributor

Providing the correct compressed air for blasting

In addition to a high concentration of moisture (condensate), compressed air also contains oil and dirt. When properly disposed of, this leads to lower maintenance costs, much better system operation and better end product quality.
To ensure that you can use compressed air of excellent quality, Straaltechniek International supplies a complete program of compressed air conditioning equipment

Compressed air conditioning:
Parker Hiross

Air-cooled Aftercooler

A compressed air aftercooler is the first essential element in compressed air after-treatment. The electrically driven version is used for stationary installations and the pneumatically driven version for installations where no power is available.

The compressed air aftercoolers manufactured by Parker-HIROSS cool the compressed air to approx. 8 ° C above ambient temperature. Provided it is fitted with a correct centrifugal separator, around 80% of the condensate is removed from the compressed air. A complete set is provided with a centrifugal separator with a condensate drain of your choice.

Water-cooled Aftercooler

A compressed air aftercooler is the first essential element in compressed air after-treatment. The water-cooled compressed air aftercooler cools the compressed air by means of a water-cooled heat exchanger. The formed condensate ends up in the separator and is automatically discharged. The water-cooled compressed air aftercoolers are available in versions for horizontal and vertical mounting.

The Parker-HIROSS water-cooled aftercoolers are available in various versions, e.g .:

  • Fixed (WFN) or removable (WRN) tube bundle
  • Carbon steel jacket and copper tube bundle, for standard applications
  • Completely made of copper nickel, for aggressive gases or for cooling with seawater
  • Entirely in stainless steel, with aggressive gases and contaminated cooling water
  • Carbon steel jacket and stainless steel tube bundle, with aggressive gases or compressed air
  • High pressure version up to 40 barg
  • Low pressure version with completely open and smooth cooling pipes

Cooling columns can also be made entirely tailored to your specific wishes.

Water separator

The purpose of the centrifugal separator is to remove the condensate from the compressed air. In addition to the moisture, this condensate also contains an amount of oil. The separation is obtained with the centrifugal principle that ensures that the condensate is hurled against the wall by means of a flying force, after which the droplets flow downwards. All centrifugal separators in this series have an efficiency of at least 95%.

Available are: types STH with internal thread connection and types SFH with flange connection.

Filters and filter elements

Compressed air conditioning starts with cooling, which condenses the moisture present in the compressed air and removes it through the centrifugal separator. However, cooling does not mean that you also have “clean” compressed air. Filtering is therefore required for “clean” compressed air.

With the Parker-HIROSS compressed air filters, all contaminants in the compressed air (moisture, oil, dust particles and odors) are removed.

Refrigeration dryer

The Parker HIROSS compressed air refrigeration dryers are specially designed for both current and future industry demands. All refrigeration dryers work with the new refrigerant R513A with a very low GWP (much less harmful to global warming). These air-cooled refrigeration dryers can process a compressed air capacity of 4 to 180 m3 / min. You are always assured of a constant dew point in combination with the most modern heat exchanger.

Furthermore, the refrigeration dryer is equipped with the most advanced techniques to save energy, an easy-to-operate switch and control panel. The strong points of this refrigeration dryer are the very low environmental impact, high energy savings and low maintenance costs.

Condensate drains

A condensate drain is required to remove the condensate, oil or contamination collected by the separator or filter. Mechanical, timer-controlled or electronic versions are available for various capacities.

Oil water separators

After the oil-containing condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system by means of a condensate drain, the condensate cannot simply be discharged into the sewerage or surface water without the oil content being brought to within the legal standards.

From a cost point of view, it makes sense to first remove the oil from the condensate before the condensate is discharged. Oil / water separators offer the reliable, effective, efficient and above all environmentally friendly solution to separate oil from the condensate.

Water coolers (Chillers) for production processes

Manufacturing processes can be extremely expensive, which is why optimizing these manufacturing processes is critical in any industry. Parker is a leading supplier of water coolers for production processes, which, thanks to the use of the most modern technological solutions and an extensive choice of models and accessories, offer optimum ease of use and reliability. Parker’s liquid coolers provide a simple yet effective solution to most of the problems encountered when using water. Our range of heat exchangers includes models for use in applications from compressed gas to chilled water and process fluids.

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To ensure that you can use compressed air of excellent quality, we will work with you to find the best possible solution. Ask your questions to our advisers by telephone, whatsapp or via e-mail (button below) or go back to the overview of custom blast cabinets!

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