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Blasting cabinet: the specialty of Straaltechniek International

The term blast cabinet is used for various types of blasting installations. You might be looking for a hand blast cabinet. Or if you are looking for a supplier for your new blasting hall to be built. You can click directly below to the desired blast cabinet category.

Below you will find an explanation of a large walk-in blast cabinet and what makes this product unique.

Why choose Straaltechniek?

  • Robust quality
  • Very good price / quality ratio
  • Own parts and service department
  • Made in Holland
  • More than 30 years of experience in the field of jet technology

Click on Your favorite blast cabinet category below.

Blast cabinet for small products

  • For manual work and immediately available
  • Injection or pressure jet version
  • Cabins from 570 to 1000 liters
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Walk-in blast cabinet for the professional

  • Cabins larger than 3 m
  • For different types and sizes of product
  • Completely customizable
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Blast cabinet for blasting automatically

  • Options with swivel basket, turntable, roller conveyor or sliding doors
  • Fully automatic blasting
  • Or even robot jets
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Fully equipped blast cabinet

View all information about some of the main components here.

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BlastWizard® Blast pots

The most wear-resistant blast pot, with unique bronze filling cone, for low maintenance costs and the least pressure losses. This ensures higher productivity!

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Cabin floor

Used blasting media falls to the floor and is recycled. You can choose from a semi-automatic recycling system in the floor or for a cheaper solution. Depending on your wish!

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Of course, a lot of dust is created during blasting. Our heavy duty filters are extremely cost effective and are optimized for short maintenance intervals.

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Wall protection

Straaltechniek International has several solutions available to protect the cabin walls, ceiling, doors and floor against the effects of blasting media.

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The abrasive enters the elevator from the cabin floor. The elevator takes the abrasive from the lowest to the highest level in the cycle, meanwhile the dust is being removed from the abrasive.

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Essential for the quality of your blasting work. We also take care of this! We use advanced programs to determine the required light output together with you!

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Used blasting media falls to the floor and is recycled. You can choose from a semi-automatic recycling system in the floor or for a cheaper solution. Depending on your wish!

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Suction of the Cleaner

The cleaner is extracted by means of a separate extractor, in the form of a 2-cartridge continuously compressed air-cleaned cartridge filter type Pat-Jet® 2 / 13VA.

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Recycling and abrasive consumption are matched. However, a buffer vessel is always necessary to absorb fluctuations.

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Electronics Blast cabinet

Of course, electronics are also becoming increasingly important for blast cabinets. From a conventional hand blast cabinet to a robot-controlled blast cabinet.

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Compressed air conditioning

Avoid exposing the device to thermal stress caused by repeated fluctuations in the temperature of the incoming material.

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The large walk-in blast cabinet

We often build and install the large blast cabinet for contract blasting companies, for manufacturers of our own product or for suppliers in large machine construction. Think of blasting cabinets for the preservation of large or many different constructions. Blast cabinets are also ideal for the glass beading of all kinds of stainless steel products and constructions. The most eye-catching part is the sandwich panel casing of the blast cabinet. The pipework of the dust extraction is often also clearly visible. A normal size blast cabinet is 4 meters wide, 4 meters high and 8 meters deep. The price of the smallest “walk-in” blast cabinet starts at around 40,000 Euro and goes as high as one million Euro. Look here for the largest blasting cabinets we have ever made.

Blast cabinet: the principle

This is the place where you can learn how a blast cabinet works and how the abrasive makes its way through the machine. First of all, blasting media is thrown from the bags into the silo. It ends up directly in the pressure blasting pot, after which it is pressurized. After opening the tap, the abrasive is mixed with compressed air and flies at high speed through the hose and onto the product. This is where the blast cabinet and its components prove their worth.

During blasting, the abrasive falls to the ground through the grids and into the cabin floor, where the floor transport system ensures that it reaches the elevator. From there, the abrasive is raised into trays and poured into the silo, after it has been separated from dust in the cleaner. From there, the filtered agent is fed back into the blasting cabinet.

The Straaltechniek blasting cabinet: keys & economics

The blast cabinet design is based on economy and technology. We quantify a number of things. A few examples:

  • First of all, with the blast cabinets of Straaltechniek, you are assured of access to the very best blasting medium. It’s about 10% more expensive than the competitor’s. But it gives a much better roughness, much better productivity (shines up to 100% faster and lasts up to 3 times longer), which saves you money. We can prove this to you with jet tests. These blast tests are done by them because they blast 240,000 square feet per year!
  • We can then quantify for you where you save money with our blast cabinet. This is primarily the case with our blasting boilers, which have higher pressures and thus higher productivity with the same compressed air consumption. Subsequently, our filter is many times more robust and the fan curve is optimized by us for your specific situation. We can do this, unlike other blast cabinet suppliers. With the blast cabinet floor, the “cost of ownership” is very much taken into account. With our compressed air system we supply a solution that is cheaper for you (in purchase but also in operation) than suppliers with electrically driven scrapers. Finally, we have enormous experience and knowledge in the field of in-service cleaning of the filter cartridges in the filter installation of the blast cabinet. We give the necessary attention to the setting of this cleaning, so that you have to pay the bill for unnecessarily high compressed air consumption.
  • The air flow in the blast cabinet determines the employee’s working comfort. The extraction consists of inlet grilles, baffle plates, extraction points. The filter is placed outside, but often against the blast cabinet. The blasting process, the abrasive, the size of the blast cabinet and the properties of the product determine the refresh rate of the air. To calculate this, we divide the capacity (m3 / h) of the filter by the content of the blast cabinet (m3). Of course, the parameters mentioned also influence the cloth surface in the filter. You may also have a maximum permitted emission of dust from blast cabinet extraction in mind for the environmental permit. Or perhaps you would like the air technology to be designed in such a way that the filtered air from the blast cabinet is returned to the production hall. Our partner is highly competent in the field of blast cabinet extraction. Naaykens can achieve unprecedented filtration efficiency. Demonstrable in delivered projects. Which You can visit as a reference visit. Have a look at filters or at There, you will find a lot of information about extraction from a blast cabinet.
  • The blasting method has a lot of influence on the components in the blast cabinet. Metallizing is of course a completely different process than shot blasting. Every part of the blast cabinet is affected by this. The filter may have to be constructed in accordance with ATEX guidelines.
  • Maybe you want to both metalize and blast in your blast cabinet! We can do this! We have solutions for this and this is often requested in the market.
  • Would you like to purchase a spraying and blasting booth at the same time? We are happy to advise you about the possibilities and can manage the entire project to unburden you!
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